Sunday, April 20, 2014


As the Texas Easter rage carries on strong downstairs, I'm tucked in for the night with my new book and a handful of confetti tangled in my hair. It's the same fun company we met over our Texas Thanksgiving, but I can't even bring myself to get out of bed to sneak another Peep cupcake into my room.

Our morning started off a bit slow- and well into the afternoon, actually. Very different than every other Easter I've experienced. There wasn't much indication that it was even Easter other than this babe in his bunny romper and festive bib. Finally around 3 the house became alive with bustling children complaining about their matching Easter dresses and Juan and I tag teaming Austin while attempting to get ourselves ready for church. 

(And I swear by this face he totally realized he was supposed to have a basket waiting for him as soon as he woke up. #whereareyouEaster?)

Austin participated in his first Easter egg hunt and pretty much nailed it. Most nights I have Austin put away his own toys, so he picked up eggs and "put it away" like a boss. Until he began to spot far more glorious baskets. Then it quickly turned into a game of catch him before he steals that unsuspecting toddler's eggs. Maybe if we hadn't forgotten his basket at home and tried to pass this Trader Joe's reusable bag off as an awesome vessel to stuff his loot in...

Austin finally got his Easter basket right before dinner. Oh and dare I share my little mishap of thinking (way too) far ahead... this Easter outfit bought several months in advance was a bit on the snug side- so homeboy strutted his unbuttoned self around all damn evening. His cousin's pink bib certainly added a little something as well. 

Remember that talk of confetti? True story. Still there, and probably will be for a while. So I'm calling it a night after a crazy eventful evening that felt like an entire day of Easter madness. I hope you and yours had a wonderful celebration! 



  1. So glad you are having a grand time with Juan's family in Texas. Give my baby Austin big kisses from grand mommy!

  2. Great photos, Jennifer! You have an amazing family. Easter egg hunt is a lovely activity for kids.

  3. Your dress is perfect (insert heart eyed emoji) Haha and I love that you still had confetti in your hair as you wrote this