Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Basket Goodies

It's April. IT'S APRIL! Spring is hereeeee, folks! After several weeks of packing up winter sweaters and boots, then unpacking them the next day because of a surprise cool afternoon- I think it's safe to say warmer weather is here to stay! Austin's adorable spring wardrobe thanks you, mother nature. For real though, if I had to squeeze those darn car seat buckles over and shut around a puffy jacket one more time, I think I might sell the car and start flanneling it on foot with the stroller for carline each morning. 

Easter will be here soon! Easter egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, sunrise mass and Easter baskets. I love putting together a good Easter basket. Of course, it's only our second year doing so, but how could you possibly go wrong!? I think I could fill seven Easter baskets from the goodies on the Target dollar aisle, alone. Austin's basket has been finished for a few weeks now, and I am so excited to share his treats with you! Target definitely served as our one stop Easter basket supplier this year.
Austin is now obsessed with drinking from straws, and I am borderline obsessed with that chick sippy cup, so really it's a win-win. Also, Austin has never had a pair of sneakers, he's been rocking his Stride Rites and Clarks ever since he could walk- so I know he's finally going to enjoy romping through the dirt and mud in his new sneakers, without mommy following him around with her Mrs. Potato head angry eyes and a package of wet wipes. We found the chalk, bubbles, and slinky in the dollar aisle. I am so anxious to open up the chalk and get to work on the driveway, and Austin and I may have already gotten some use out of the bubbles since two came in the package.

As for me, I'll be happy with a fun, spring nail polish... or three... in my Easter basket :) A giant flower headband would be pretty festive, too.

Happy Easter basketing! 


  1. Really, I didn't know the Easter Bunny still brings baskets to mommies??!!! Goodness gracious, someone better get busy!

  2. That is loaded with so many good stuff! I'm sure kids will enjoy it