Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Pictures

We kicked off the first November weekend with the Florida Georgia football game tailgate. It has become a bit of a Martinez tradition to get dressed up, pretend to follow football (Juan, time to face facts), and join in on all of the festive game day fun. This is our third year going together, second year as a family ;) Well, little Gator pants was left at home with his godmother. Saturday was a much needed, grown ups only, day out.

We were greeted with a morning after wakeup call compliments of the teething troll slash diaper drill sergeant. Baby don't care how much fun you had the day before, nor does he pity your lack of sleep. Sunday was spent recovering and enjoying the Fall weather from our balcony. We played hot potato baby, taking turns sipping Gatorade and entertaining these sweet cheeks. Anything for these cheeks.
 And a little entertaining for us, too. We are Monopoly obsessed. We have nine different Monopoly versions, including the Lilly Pulitzer edition and Disney, of course ;) Sunday we played German Shepherd monopoly in leu of going to the dog park. Fair enough.
We carried on our weekend right on through Monday night. Why not, right? We visited family in Orange Park and had a nice home-cooked meal. Maybe it's time we buy some stove burners- we've been here about 3 months, that's about when people start needing them... yeah? Juan may be getting tired of microwaved eggs. Judge me hard.

The Orange Park car ride: Christmas music all the way there.
 Sweet Dreams all the way back.


  1. Looks like you had a much needed fun weekend! Give those sweet baby cheeks some big kisses from Grandmommy.

  2. Those cheeks are too cute! I love all those Monopoly sets! Esp that canine one!

  3. What a cute Gator family! Your family is beautiful!