Thursday, November 21, 2013

10 Month Favorites

Double digits! Austin hit the big ONE ZERO in months this past Tuesday, big boy! The past couple of months brought serious milestones over night, it seemed. I remember Austin woke up one day and decided to crawl, then stand. Nothing huge this month. He is now walking around holding onto different objects, and yesterday he let go and took a couple of steps on his own! This milestone is a process, unlike the others that just kind of happened. I guess that I would be a bit surprised if my crawler just up and walked across the room to get his toy. The process of learning to walk has all but given me a heart attack. The kid rearranges my dining room chairs, causing our small living room to be mistaken for a messy auditorium. This afternoon he crawled up to Duke and leech latched with a grip that would have scared the you know what out of anyone. I can't even blame Duke for freaking the hell out and taking Austin on the wildest ride of his life. It was both the scariest and funniest thing I have ever seen. Of course it ended in his impromptu unlatch and head bang, but within seconds the tears were gone and the daredevil was back at it. Bring on the gray hairs. 

Last weekend we enjoyed the kick off for Christmas in the Town Center at the Holiday Spectacular event. Is this babe not the sweetest little reindeer in town?! Needless to say, this really encouraged the Christmas decor to put itself up, and the Pandora Christmas station said it was here to stay, and I'm not complaining! 


  1. THE CUTEST reindeer ever!!!

  2. And Mia just turned 11 months! So fun! The time goes by too quickly!
    LOVE his faves :)