Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baby Boy Wish List

Greetings from San Antonio! The playroom, to be exact. I had never understood the importance of a room designated for toys and lounging, but it has been such an asset for us these past couple of days. Coming from a two bedroom condo, this house has been a luxury for us. With so many rooms to visit, Austin hasn't gotten too cranky or bored. He loves exploring and crawling after his cousins. The playroom is where we come before the rest of the house wakes up in the mornings. The toys in here are mostly for toddlers, and the abundance of pink is comparable to Victoria's Secret- but Austin is having a blast. In fact, we all are! Visiting family for the holidays is truly such a blessing, we don't want to leave! Thanksgiving in Texas has been my favorite one yet, and I couldn't have imagined a more perfect first Thanksgiving for this little turkey. I hope everyone had a blessed day full of yummy food and many thanks! I will recap our Thanksgiving day soon- anyone still enjoying leftovers?? Yum!

Time to talk Christmas Wish Lists. Santa has just received another wish list, and for an extra good baby boy. Austin's first Christmas is right around the corner! I have been so excited for this day since we found out we were pregnant! The pictures... the baby presents... the fun kid things that are socially acceptable for me to take part in again... it's the most wonderful time of the year! I can almost hear Santa's sleigh bells and feel the snowflakes! Before you get on my Floridian case, we will be enjoying a white (post) Christmas and New Year this year! We are headed up to North Carolina the day after Christmas to go skiing- bring on the snowflakes!  

After watching Austin take such an interest in the train table at Barnes and Noble, we've decided we have no choice but to add it to his wish list. Whether we build it or buy it, this little babe has to have it. With his little reading nook that I've put together, it's going to be like a mini Barnes and Noble in his bedroom! Someone open up a Starbucks down the street- or you know, in my kitchen- and we will be all set! Speaking of coffee, because of Black Friday and pure family fun the past two days, I am running (literally running after this speedy babe) on 7 hours of sleep. Pour me a tall one. Cheers!

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