Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Plans

The Thanksgiving countdown begins! With Thanksgiving just days away, I had originally planned to leave my Fall decor out... but you all know how it goes. You just can't help but start setting out Christmas decorations here and there. You just can't. Our Pandora is officially set to the Christmas music station, Austin's jammies drawer is now an explosion of red and green, and the tree is up in the Town Center. It's time. And let's be real, if I knew of a Christmas tree farm in Jax that was already up and running, we'd have a tree and be well on our way to rockin around it.
Or crawling around it.
I'm hoping that by the time we leave for our Texan Thanksgiving all of my Christmas decor will be up! Wishful thinking, right? Coming home to  Christmas decorations would be amazing. I see some homemade garland in my future... festive fun, can't get enough! Can you?? Oh yes, and I mentioned a Texan Thanksgiving, that's right! We leave for Texas on Tuesday to visit some of Juan's family. I am beyond excited. It will be Austin's first airplane flight. Any suggestions, mamas? I'm kind of picturing the worst case scenario, Austin starts cutting a tooth mid flight, then releases a day's worth into his diaper amidst the Fasten Seatbelt light. Cue mommy meltdown. We will be that family.
Juan, Duke, and I spent 6 weeks in Texas last summer and I will tell anyone that I was less than pleased about it. I was miserable. I can't even tell you exactly why- I just had a bad attitude the entire time. I was pregnant, hot, and too scared to drive anywhere by myself. A hot, hot bitter mess. This week it will be cold and it's Thanksgiving- there is absolutely no excuse to be anything but pretty freaking excited. Speaking of excitement, San Antonio will not be ready for us Friday morning. Black Friday is basically another holiday in our book. Stuff ourselves full and then shop it off- now that's a damn good time.

Last Summer in Texas- 15 weeks pregnant. Maybe that awful beard had something to do with my bitterness ;)
This will be Duke's first Thanksgiving without us. Last year, Duke traveled with us to our midnight madness Black Friday shopping in Orlando. He guarded our purchases in the car while we shopped until we my pregnant butt dropped. It was pretty chilly out and lazy bones was parked in the jeep on a giant comforter, comfortable as can be- windows cracked. This year Duke is going to a friend's house for the week- and we've been promised many pictures and a doggy Thanksgiving feast. Bone Appetit, Dukie Martinez.
I spy four little teeth! How awesome will it be for Austin to be able to actually enjoy his first Thanksgiving!? He is an expert grabber and chewer- not the least bit picky. He has proven himself a food lover, indeed! From time to time he gets in that sassy mood- you know, throwing everything in arms reach onto the ground, purely to watch it drop and then have it handed back to him. The sassy mood that drives me crazy, the one where I am so tempted to dump my entire plate on the ground as well. Fingers crossed for a sweet gentleman at Thanksgiving dinner! I'm so ready to spend this wonderful holiday with this little love bug, surrounded by family!

Happy Thanksgiving week!  


  1. You seriously crack me up!! Baby boy is adorable, as always. And I SO WISH i was decorating for Christmas already!!!! Next weekend... I have high hopes! ;)

  2. I laughed at your worst case scenario!!! I'm sure he will be fine. He's so cute even if the worst happens who can be mad at him? ;) And yay fro Christmas decorating, I started too!!

  3. Have a lovely Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Texan family and have safe travels. We will miss you! Love Grandmommy

  4. He is smiling in the last photo! He is very photogenic!! I love it!! He is such a happy baby!!