Friday, November 1, 2013


What an absolute Halloween success! We made it a two day special and dressed up the mini on both Halloween and Halloween eve, it was so exciting to show off our not so scary little babe! I had been anticipating this day since Juan and I first found out that we were pregnant. Halloween and Christmas, always Christmas ;) 

I'll admit, Halloween festivities are ten times better without a ginormous pregnant belly and an unopened bottle of wine howling your name. Rewind back to this time last year- me, myself, and Duke spent our night on the couch indulging in scary movies and candy for the trick-or-treaters who never came. I honestly can't even remember if Juan was in the library or if he was actually with us on Halloween night- the candy, movies, and I must have really hit it off. Despite the nostalgia of college Halloweens past, I knew this Halloween would be the best one yet. Halloween is one hundred times better with a baby to costume and share all of the festivities with, not to mention finally being able to open that wine. I was back and forth with Austin's costume, and in the end it was Peter Pan. I love Peter Pan. Have I told you from birthdays five through thirteenish I wished on my candles to fly like Peter Pan? For one reason or another, it never worked out. 

 My sweet Austin, you never have to grow up. Please don't.
We spent Halloween eve at the Jacksonville Zoo Spooktacular event. We had a blast! We didn't see any animals- but the candy, characters, music, and scare zones were enough for us for one night. Austin even took his first ride on a cheetah!
On Halloween day Austin wore his Woody outfit. Juan's mom bought this for him a couple of months ago and we totally forgot about it- what a perfect little Halloween get up, love it! We opted not to go trick or treating with Austin being so young, but we are looking forward to going next year!
How was your Halloween? I am just adoring everyone's pictures and posts of their sweet babes!
Time to break out those Christmas lights, eh, I mean... cornucopias! 


  1. Those outfits are the absolute cutest!

  2. Fly little Pan, Fly....
    Love Grandmommy

  3. Love his costumes! He is adorable!

  4. Loving his little Peter Pan outfit! SO adorable!!! And how fun to spend it at the zoo!!!