Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday: Fall Edition

We're back for Five on Friday! Miss us? It's been a while since we joined the ladies for the link up, but we're back and ready to share some Fall funsies!



We all know the struggle that is picking out baby boy clothes. Okay, mothers of little girls, you have no idea. 
You. Have. No. Idea. Baby boy mamas, is it not impossible to keep your eyes from wandering to the pinks and frills just radiating from the neighboring section of the store? One day, one day.  I am very picky when it comes to picking out clothes for Austin- I'm taking complete advantage of being able to dress him my way, it's only a matter of time before he starts choosing his own outfits.  I have found that my style for him, for the most part, consists of unisex clothes with a hint of baby boy. That "hint" of baby boy apparently is not enough. My baby was mistaken for a little girl last week. Twice. In his defense, he was wearing a light green seersucker one piece. It was green! You're just too beautiful, baby boy. 

Our favorite store for baby clothes is hands down Baby Gap. Baby Gap is the only store thus far that I have found it actually hard to choose which outfits to buy. The little boys' choices are too cute.

Fall Photo Challenge Day 9 | Mustard
Duke tail whipped the container of Puffs, sending them across the room in every direction. My photo shoot quickly turned into a free for all.

 I bought this festive Tassel Garland last week to spice up the entertainment center for the season. I can't wait for it to come in! Check out Studio Mucci's Etsy shop- the garland comes in tons of colors. I'm also getting antsy to decorate and carve some pumpkins! If it's not open already, I'm hoping our local pumpkin patch will open this weekend- my mind is racing with pumpkin photo ops and ideas for Austin's first pumpkin. 

Oh, and obviously this is going to happen at some point. 

I joined a mom club! You know, a club with real mamas with real babies?! It's so cleverly called MOMS, and apparently it's nationwide. There are three or four chapters just here in Jacksonville! I'm so excited to get started and meet some awesome new ladies (and babes!)

Fall Television. 
Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time are finally back! Score! We also picked up two new shows- Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist. On Demand, I love thee. 
Check them out, they're great!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. i have some serious issues with baby gap. yikes. found you via the linkup and thought i would show some linkup love! new bloglovin' follower. find me here:


  2. I live baby gap!!!! Ok, and your postas make me LoL every time, forreal....Austin is so cute, beautiful baby boy ;)
    I want a moms club!
    And fall tv!!! Omg! TGIF ( for Fall tv) !!!!!

  3. Bestest Buddies, Austin and Duke!
    Love you all, Grandmommy