Monday, October 7, 2013

Days Four Five Six

This Fall Photo Challenge has been just that, a complete challenge. When you're used to wearing comfy cozies the majority of the week, it really kicks you in the rear getting yourself up and dressed every morning. But we're doing it (for the most part) and it's been fun!

Find days one through three here.

Day Four | Outfit of the Day
A simple and cool Fall outfit. Austin's outfit of the day was Osh Kosh Fall overalls with cowboy boots.
Headband | Ulta    Shoes | Old Navy

Day Five | Fall Nail Polish
Latest Favorites: Bahama Mama | Sandie Tropez | Bobbing for Baubles

Day Six | Latest Style Splurge
Let me preface this by saying I'm not a huge eye makeup person. I don't splurge on eyeshadows or eyeliners- on the contrary. My makeup bag consists of tiny sample eyeshadows from Clinique's free gifts. In my opinion, I look like a big ol' witch with eye makeup. Very fitting for the season. I've been Pinterest inspired lately (famous last words, right?) and decided to have a little fun with some fall eyeshadows. This palette is without a doubt my latest style splurge. Usually, I would never even think about spending so much on eye makeup.
So now, uhh, how does this stuff work? ;)
Today the family is headed to St. Augustine in our stripes and Fall fancies!
Mondays have never looked this good!

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