Thursday, October 3, 2013

Denim, Bling, and a Party!

As all of you lovelies are well aware, Tuesday kicked off the first day of my Fall Photo Challenge. No? Haven't heard? Read all about it here. #amateurbloggerproblems

Austin so kindly volunteered to get us started. And did he nail it or what!? Denim overalls, complete with a homemade denim backdrop. You go, sweet thang.

Day numero dos called for bling! Now that I can do!

 It was my girlfriend Martha Stewart's birthday, so we celebrated downtown at Art Walk. Yes, that's her name. Not even kidding. Little more youth, lot less jail time.

Matching flower headbands were obviously a must.

taken from Jacksonville Times Website

Today we may or may not have stayed in our jammies all day. Pumpkin jammies are an appropriate substitute for navy day, right? And who can resist this little pumpkin pie?!

We are pretty pleased with Austin's hair growth, it's coming in quite nicely ;) We had too much fun playing today, so homework and housework took the back burner. It's going to be a late night playing catch up.
 Ready for the weekend? Get your Fall polish ready and join in on the challenge! Cheers!


  1. Such cute pictures! The pumpkin outfit is the best :)

  2. Oh my, look at those beautiful eyes and mouth and cheeks!