Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Wore a Scarf!

Yesterday, I wore a sweater. And Jeans. And closed flats with a scarf. It was mar-ve-lous!
Welcome, Fall weather, only a couple of weeks late to the party! Sadly enough, it was only a one day cool front. Really toying with my emotions, Jacksonville. I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say we are SO READY for it to be cool! The "I'm wearing boots!" and "Love this weather" Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures were out of control yesterday morning. 

Monday we went down to the St. Augustine outlets for the day and found some awesome deals. We bought Austin more Christmas jammies, pretending he didn't already have enough. Twenty Five Days of Christmas Challenge- Baby Jammie Edition? That might have to happen. Juan shamed us into buying a moose sweater for Austin in Polo Ralph Lauren- he literally threw a tantrum. A full on grown man with a beard tantrum. It could have been lime green with black pom poms on it, so long as there is a moose, Juan has to have it. Ridiculous. 
It really is cute- I like it. Was it worth the price? That's a different story.
 Like I said, full on temper tantrum, folks.

Fall Photo Challenge Day 7 | Stripes
See the Moose Crunch that I'm holding? Had it been bear or lion crunch we would NOT have three bags in our cupboard.We had a great day and Austin slept the whole way home. Johnny Cash singalong for two.

Day 8 | Black and Orange
I switched Tuesday from belt day to black and orange. Before I had even left the bedroom on Tuesday morning, Juan had Austin fed and dressed for our morning walk. This was too sweet of an outfit to not incorporate into the Fall Challenge. I'm sure the belted look will be added in later in the month,  so for now can we just oogle over this face?! And his Pumpkin pants?? And baby Northface!?!

Boy after my own heart.


  1. My beautiful babies!

  2. He's so adorable....the baby, not yor temper tantrum throwing husband;) haha I can only see that conversation now! So funny