Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Speeding through life in the fast lane is where we've been. July has been busy for us! For the past 2 weeks I think we've gone non stopNothing seemed to come to mind as I've been trying to tie the last couple of weeks together into one post. Until it hit me- like a ten pound sack of blazing Florida heat. This weather has been beating us down every. single. freaking. day. I think the humidity followed us all the way to South Carolina, and then hitched a ride back home. Non stop busy bee-ing it with a toddler in tow is exhausting and a sticky mess in this Florida summer heat.

We kicked off our busy bodying with a road trip to South Carolina. To see daddy. I just had to let those words sink in as I tried to think of something to type next. Something to really explain or muster the inexplainable feeling of seeing dada after his 3 months away in BCT for the army. The precious moment when the boys first saw each other, these pictures really don't do it justice. The very second that families were given the "GO" to run and find their soldier on the field, our massive stroller served its purpose as it plowed over holes, rocks, and feet (whoops) towards our boy. 

We were given two short days with Juan before he was sent to his next training in Virginia. This countdown will be 6 weeks longer, but just like the heat, he will be finished in time for the holidays :)

We then hit up our Georgia families and visited with them for a few days. Austin was in heaven playing with his cousins, and I may have been, too, with all of the mommy company! We've even been lucky enough to have Tyler visiting us in Florida this past week! They are the sweetest baby boys.
I'm already hearing talk and seeing posts about Fall- and though I do love obsess over a good seasonal Starbucks treat as much as the next gal, I can't help but wish we had another two months of beach trips here in Florida. Oh wait. We do.

Give me one more month and I'll be knocking on Fall's front door, begging for the cool weather to come out and play. Until then, we will be soaking up the sizzling heat, poolside with a cold one.


  1. Ahh Love that pic of the beach. Why does time have to always go by so fast!!! I'm glad you got to see your hubby! Oh and I finally found you on IG! :)

  2. I love my Chiquitico!!