Friday, June 27, 2014

Father's Day Pictures: A Little Late

The idea of these pictures as one of Juan's Father's Day gifts was anything but last minute. I ordered Austin's shirt weeks in advance and the chalkboard has been good and ready, sitting in a corner for quite some time. I can't even tell you why we couldn't manage to get our my shit together and actually sit down and do the thing- it just never happened.  

So here we are, almost two weeks late, finally having our Father's Day photo shoot! I was only able to capture serious cheekies, that boy wouldn't crack a smile for anything!
Per the usual (and convenient), all pictures were snapped on my phone. The natural lighting wasn't great, and my attempt to blur out the folds of the sheet definitely shows. But nevertheless, I really think daddy is going to love these! 

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  1. Mr. Serious Cheekies is missing his daddy. Still beautiful, baby Austin!