Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tantrums and Greek Food

It's been one of those weeks, you know the kind. Whoever said temper tantrums fell under the Terrible Twos was a dirty liar. I am not prepared to handle the stage ten meltdowns that my one year old is now a huge fan of. At thirteen months, we finally managed to get Austin in for his twelve month checkup, and his doctor urged us to ignore the behavior. Redirect him.

Of course, I continue to give it my best shot. But somewhere in between all of the leg tugging, incessant shrieking, and my kid body slamming himself to the floor, I find myself very often giving in to the I could kill you glares from others. Then there are the times I simply smile, offer an obnoxious thumbs up to our audience, and then mentally spit in their faces. Oh, you don't have kids? #shoveit
Of course his sweet baby boy moments mask the dreadful tantrums. Yesterday at the Greek Festival I could have sworn I was eating lunch with a grown gentleman. Not one tear was shed, nor was one bite thrown to the ground. He may even get to go back this afternoon!

So this morning we are all still in our jams, recovering from a week full of tantrums and a Saturday full of Greek food and shopping. Finishing yesterday's leftovers is a pretty high priority for today- we need an excuse to go back. Opa!


  1. My baby (grand baby) is always a gentleman when he is with his grand mommy! He totally enjoyed my greek meal, his curious little fingers were into everything and most of it did end up in his tummy. He is such a little love, just like his mommy at that age.

  2. I cannot imagine! I'm probably getting there with Elliot but sooo not looking forward to them. And yes, people can shove it!! Glad you guys had a good weekend! :)

    1. Yes, it's kind of the worst... I do not wish it upon any mommy! Maybe your babe will skip this phase...