Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life Lately

Remember when I told you that Austin and I were knocked down with colds almost immediately after his birthday? Yep, still down. When we finally think we're back up on our feet, something else hits us like a freaking bus. Austin, mostly. The kid went an entire year without catching so much as a runny nose for more than a day- he turns one and it's like he's at the top of the bacteria's most wanted list. Double ear infection is what we're dealing with these days. And to say that he's handling it like a boss would be an incredible understatement. 
If you follow us on IG, you may already know that Austin now says mama! It's mamamama all day, every day around here. I'm not convinced that he's actually assigned the word to me, but he can call his dirty diaper mama for all I care. After ogling over nine month old cousin Tyler's growing vocabulary, we've upped Austin's vocabulary to dada, baba, and mama. In a month! #proudmamamama

In other news, we are trying to totally wean off the bottle. Partly due to the double whammy ear infections, mostly because the sippy cup train is too cute not to hop on. That Mickey Mouse sippy cup?! I die. And don't get me started on the holiday sippies. Has anyone found an Easter sippy? The hunt is on.


  1. oh no! Ear infections are NO fun. That mickey sippy is adorable. I've seen Easter cups at Target. :)

    1. Thank you! I didn't see any in Target boo :( I'll have to keep checking!