Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weekend BBQs

In the Easter spirit, I'm hopping back on the radar! Lately I feel like I'm never updating with the good stuff but rather just checking in here and there to keep this space that I love so much afloat. Thoughts and days are jumbled- and somewhere in between all the chaos and rushing out the front door to get to school on time, our little boy is becoming less and less little. His personality is becoming so evident and we just love to love him!

Since meeting Juan's work buddies and their families a few weeks ago, we've all gotten together three or four times. Weekend barbecues with a good group of people are proving to be the perfect way to welcome the changing season. Perfect until your kid blindsides you with the stomach bug from hell and barfs all over dad and any one within a two foot radius. His first party foul, I swear that boy is reaching a new milestone every day! Both of Austin's grandmas, his grandpa, and his great grandma were in town for their first visit and I can't even tell you how quickly that bug got hot potatoed around the whole family. We know how to show our house guests a good time. It knocked us down for a day or two, but we were all feeling better just in time for a few more adventures with my parents before sending them back home to Florida. By Easter weekend our tails were wagging with excitement and just like that we were back on the barbecue grind (praying that round two wouldn't hit us in our Easter finest).

Easter egg hunting is one of Austin's favorite games. I can't count the number of weekly egg hunts that go down in our house. His year round training must be paying off, the babe got some serious Easter egg loot on Sunday. This was the first time his eggs were filled with goodies so he was completely consumed with awe as he opened each and every one and found a new surprise. 

Mom of the year over here will totally vouch for any one equally guilty of pirating a portion of your kid's loot. What toddler should be eating fifty pieces of chocolate? Hello, cavities! We're doing them a favor, gals. With that being said… how long until Halloween? ;)

I'm not advocating that you swipe all of it, but a malted egg here and a chocolate bunny there really do go unnoticed. And as moms we need a comparable sugar intake to stand a chance keeping up with these little energizer bunnies- am I right!?

We ended Easter Sunday with full hearts, feeling so blessed and thankful for meeting such an awesome group of people who are making our transition into army life a bit easier. Cheers to friends!

On a side note- the boiled eggs in our fridge have been ready to go since Saturday and our egg dying kit has been in the same spot on the kitchen counter for over a week. Austin doesn't know what he's been missing out on these last couple days since this will be his first year dying eggs. I'm hoping to get around to it tonight, or at least sometime before the eggs rot- so send over some good vibes and wishes that all goes well and that there is no mistaking the cup of dye for apple juice. Happy Spring!


  1. Love to the Martinez family! Nana had a wonderful vacation and is looking forward to next time!

  2. Oh Gosh, I never know what to do with all that Easter candy. Kids should have fun, but what of all that sugar! :/