Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Man Shoves and Area Rugs

Small changes around the house have made me one happy lady this week. I decided the layout of our living room wasn't working and spent an entire afternoon trying to fix it. By myself. Did I mention we have a huge, solid wood entertainment center? Woman power, y'all. This room is meant to be both the living room and dining room, but because we decided to keep the dining in the kitchen, it's just an extra large living room. Originally we had the entertainment center and couches smack dab in the middle, with an awkward space on each side. It looked okay but I wasn't completely satisfied. 
We now have a living area, and then also a pretty decent amount of space behind that leads to our back porch door. At first the teepee was in an awkward corner, now there's a ton of open space surrounding it and I love how it's sort of showcased. Juan also loves that he is able to watch t.v. without the glare from the window. But who doesn't love a good window glare?

 Our damaged and missing items claim is progressing, and our fingers are crossed that we will have it settled by the end of the month. The struggle of watching a movie with no side table to hold our tub of ice cream drinks or coffee table to put our feet on….

 I also can't wait to start hanging on the walls. And it totally just dawned on me that it'll have to wait another month until Juan gets back from NTC. What a bummer. I'm fully capable of man shoving an entertainment center to the other side of the room, but drilling two holes in a straight line to hang a mirror? Forget it. Nope. Not happening. Hide all of the drills. 

So what's the verdict? Is it progress? (Did you notice the log bed is gone!?) Some area rugs and pops of color are a must, but I think we've finally settled on a layout!

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