Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Weekends feel a lot less like weekends when it's just the two of us. Four hands and two brains are better suited for keeping up with Austin, there's no way to tiptoe around that. I'm not even being picky. I would gladly welcome any extra sets of hands that are able to anchor my patience as I explain to my screaming two year old for the forty second time that we are out of milk. Support systems are everything- husband or no husband- a mama needs friends. 

And that is what brought us to Chick-fil-A Saturday morning, a new friend! Amen to that. Austin had his first scheduled play date since the move… actually if I'm remembering correctly, it was his first one ever. Words can't describe how jolly I was getting to know my first "mom" friend in this town. Austin had a blast and even showed off his best Duke eating from the dog bowl impression. Do your thang baby boy.
And then he licked the table. 

After having beautiful sunshine two weekends ago, I had my mom mail all of my spring clothes to Texas. I was starting to worry that one day I would wake up and the warm weather would be here to stay, and I'd be stuck with nothing but leggings and long sleeves. I wasted no time hanging all of it in my closet as soon as it was delivered, and retired most of my winter and fall things to the closet in the office. Then of course the temperature dropped below freezing. Mama Nature froze the rain, the roads, and Austin's Radio Flyer trike that was left in the back yard. I swear I can hear the arrangement of pastels in my bedroom closet mocking me.

I'm getting bored of the same rotation of Austin's school pants and jackets, I'm ready to pop out his colorful shorts and see some baby legs! Those sweet little legs could really use some color. Mama's too. And the neighbors' and the neighbors' mamas'…

 I think I speak for the majority of Texas when I say Spring can't come fast enough! 

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  1. Sweetie, we sure do miss you! Stay warm, drink hot cocoa, make some smores in the microwave, and have a campout in your living room with my precious baby Austin!!! Love you both, see you soon!!!