Friday, October 24, 2014

no-pumpkin patch

   I hope we've reached a general consensus about the food trucks, thumbs up all around? I'm so so wishing for something similar near our new home… but my hopes aren't too high, from what I hear we are moving to the middle of nowhere. Hooah! Let's rewind back to last weekend.

We woke up Saturday morning ready to hit the Pumpkin Patch.  These early birds not only beat the heat, but the pumpkin sellers as well. Turns out we were two hours early, so we snapped some pictures, talked to a few pumpkins, and then headed home.  So this weekend we will finally take a pumpkin home. Unless they all rot in this heat before we get back out there. And that's very likely.

Right after our no-pumpkin patch visit, we ran home and put on clothes more apt for the real Florida fall weather before heading to the Farmer's Market. These cool mornings are total fake outs. Just this scarf alone was enough to have me calling it quits after a twenty minute stroll around the market. You can't see in this picture, but our Farmer's Market is right below us and to the left a bit. We're so lucky to have such a beautiful downtown area, right on the river!

Tomorrow begins another weekend and we're kicking off major Halloween festivities with the Fall Festival at Austin's school… and obviously we have coordinating costumes. Would you expect anything else?? ;)

Have a wonderful and festive weekend- it's the last one before Halloween!

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  1. Love Austin's orange moccasins!