Monday, October 20, 2014

My Thing

Everyone needs a hobby. I have to use both hands and feet to count all of mine. But if I'm not doing these things on a regular basis, can I even really call them all hobbies? I love scrapbooking, but it's been a year since I last scrapbooked. I'm a huge fan of long road trips, but seriously, how regularly do I go on them? So in reality, I have many interests- but hobbies? Only a couple, I guess.

So let's talk ballet.
Before my first adult ballet class, I hadn't stepped foot in a studio since sixth or seventh grade. Like every other five year old girl, I begged my mom to put me in ballet. Then six or seven ballet recitals and 20 or so costumes later, self conscious thirteen year old me begged to quit. About two seconds after popping Austin out I told Juan that I wanted to join an adult ballet class to help lose the baby weight. Thank the Lord that never happened, I can't even imagine how I would have squeezed all of that into a leotard, let alone leap through the air with the slightest hint of grace.
Or dignity.
So fast forward to Thursday morning, about two months ago. I'm not sure what flipped the switch, but I began searching for studios online. I ended up emailing the only one with classes that worked with my schedule and heard back within the hour! She asked me to come in for a class that same night. Oh okay, I haven't stretched my leg above a 90 degree angle in years and I'll be damned if I can balance on my toes for more than a second, but sure, I'll come. I showed up with a pony tail in my yoga pants and bare feet and did my best to blend in with the bun heads in their matching black leotards.

I can't remember half of the french terms, let alone what they mean. I know techniques and how to do the steps, but I cannot (for the freaking life of me) match the movement to its name. To its French name. Ask me to do a Battement FrappĂ©, and I'll tell you sure I love coffee, extra sugar. But put someone who knows what she's doing in front of me, and you might mistake me for someone who knows what she's doing, too.

Next to this dude, I guess ballet is my main thing right now. It's my weekly hobby, matching black leotard and all. Except the bun- there aren't enough bobby pins in the world to convince my hair to stay in a bun during ballet class. And I'm getting pretty used to ponytail whiplash…

Have a good week, folks! I can't believe I'm saying it, but…. we have had a few cool mornings the past few days- and it's been won der ful!


  1. what a great hobby! I danced years ago and would love to do that! What app are you using for these pictures, they are so neat!?

    1. it's called Waterlogue... I think it costs about 2 dollars, but totally worth it ;)

  2. So glad my baby girl is doing something for herself! Ballet, what a fantastic stress reliever. Hopefully, you can find another class in Texas. And I too love the watercolor pictures. For a minute, I thought grandma had picked up her colors again!!!