Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A long, drawn out love story

One year ago, today, I married my best friend. No, we didn't have a long, drawn out Nicholas Sparks love story leading up to our marriage. A short one, maybe. The Last Song meets Knocked Up. Few understand our story, and many, who don't personally know us, probably enjoy spreading their own version of it. Here is mine.

Juan and I formally met at one of his fraternity's parties. My long-gone, never to be seen again, size 4 self was feeling quite confidant that night (thanks, Jack Daniels). I was barking out orders suggestions to the DJ, poor guy, until he had had enough. God bless him. He marched me over to Juan and introduced us. I invited myself to his formal quite promptly- hey, he didn't object! No shame. 

... Have you ever been to or heard about fraternity formals? 
Okay, imagine a hotel- two entire floors, occupied by college men and their (sometimes, not too classy) dates. No chaperones. I mean, come on... have you ever seen Animal House? (Go watch it, it's great.) I'll let you use your imagination.

Now, let me give you an outline of MY experience at Juan's formal. (Phew, right!)

Hours packing nonsensical things that I never ended up needing. 
Juan picked me up, there was a rose and my formal invitation waiting in the truck. Aww!
Began our drive to Tybee Island.
Juan broke the, in my opinion, not so awkward silence, with an incredibly awkward statement that I will never forget: "It's a long car ride, so you need to talk." 
Stopped in Savannah, Georgia and walked around a bit.
We got to Tybee Island and Juan unloaded his secret hoard of alcohol. 
Everyone started drinking, I stuck to my vodka soaked gummy bears. Delish.
Ran around and explored the hotel.
Everyone put their fancy clothes and dancin' shoes on.
Down to the room they rented out,  got our groove on.
More dancing.
Formal awards.
More dancing.
Back up to the hotel rooms to get the real party started.
Juan and I spent our night "room hopping".
We literally skipped to every single room and hung out for 10ish minutes and then set off for the next room. I was somewhat sad the next day listening to all of the awesome stories about everyone's night, we never stayed long enough in one room to witness anything too exciting. One of my sisters cheered me up a little when she said that though we weren't there to witness any of their great stories, we were probably IN everyone's stories. 
"...And then Juan and Jennifer came in..." 
'''...And then Juan and Jennifer showed up..." 
It's so funny because it really is so true. We were everywhere that night. 
Until about 4am. 
Then we went to bed. I rocked some nice flannels that night.

We had a wonderful 6am wake up call. One of (my favorites) of Juan's brothers came in holding two bottles of alcohol, screaming "PARTY, WHO IS READY TO PARTY!?" 

After formal, it was pretty much set in stone. We were inseparable. 

Skiing in Maggie Valley
 St. Patty's Day in Savannah
 Visting my hometown, Fort Pierce

Yadda yadda, more adventures, more love...

And then... POOF! A little Christmas miracle!

3(ish) weeks pregnant

Like I've said before, first comes love, then comes marriage...

First year of marriage wasn't easy. Reality set in.
You wake up one day and your husband is in the bathroom shaving his (No Shave, July?) beard in your sink. Yuck!
You find yourself no longer turning on the bathroom sink to muffle the noise of your mexican dinner from the night before. Double yuck!

As Maroon 5 would say, "...It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise...." It really is all about compromise. This is the time the ground rules are set.

One year down- forever to go. Let's do this. 

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