Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On Wednesdays We Blog

I'm hoping to eventually get this space back up more often than once a week. Until then, Wednesday is the day. Today I'm gonna shoot some real talk about our house- because like army moving, I have a lot to say. 

Like I mentioned last week, we're doing our best to settle in and make this place a home. Remember a while back when I mentioned our future house with a basement? I can't even tell you how excited I was about the thought of having my own house again... a yard, a playroom, a basement for storage! Our excitement had us completely blinded, we were more or less about to sign in blood for a house we had never toured. Juan did end up touring it, and thank the good Lord he did because we almost signed for a nightmare. I remember getting his phone call before boarding the plane to Texas for Thanksgiving and I vaguely remember him referencing Animal House. At first I was bummed- just like that, we no longer had a house. Easy come, easy go. And then Juan got a phone call that night. Another house had just become available. It was outside of the base gates, but still considered on post housing. It had a bigger yard and  -wait for it-  four bedrooms. Here's my blood, where do I sign? Juan and I were both able to tour it the next day and were immediately sold. It's older than your grandma, but it's a great amount of space for us. 

Everything but the appliances is outdated, and from what I hear there are no plans to renovate the neighborhood. So unless the foundation starts to buckle or an earthquake hits, we're stuck with the stained linoleum tile and dull countertops. I've got big plans and it's so so hard not to break the bank buying all that I'm imagining for the space. Juan's aunt back in Florida once told me that it takes years to make a home, things can't be bought all at once. I promise her words sounded far more wise… and they've really stuck with me. I have been known to go out and rapid buy decor and then hang it up as soon as I get my hands on a hammer and nail. This time around I'm waiting. Waiting for news on our broken furniture, and waiting to make sure we really like the placement of things. 

We've been sleeping on our slashed mattress with no headboard or footboard. (You can find them leaning against the wall, split in half, awaiting their fate.) Aside from the chalkboard in the kitchen, the small frames to the right are all that's hanging in our house. But oh, the space! I've been searching for the perfect rug for this room, and my creative wheels have been hard at work deciding which wall to slap some paint on. 

The walls are all an off white, which is okay in my book. I think they help to brighten the place up a bit, but we're allowed to paint upon approval. Our neutral furniture seems to fit right in, and once we find the perfect area rugs and throw pillows to liven up the rooms, I think we'll be pretty satisfied. Even the heinous brown baseboards have managed to do a fairly good job blending in with our neutral furniture. 

About the elephant log bed in our living room. I spotted it on Craigslist and knew Austin had to have it as his first big boy bed. Joke's on us because we slapped down 200 dollars on a damn bed that doesn't fit through the bedroom door frame. And wouldn't you believe it doesn't come apart. So in our living room it sits. We've been trying to resell it, but I'm starting to think we should just repurpose it as our back porch hangout. Are termites common in Texas?

I'll keep everyone updated with the progress of this place, the  s l o w  progress. This place needs to feel more like us by... the Fourth of July? That feels like an obtainable goal. Plus I have big plans to host our first party ;) 
Who says army housing has to be so drab??

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  1. You could always make the log bed into a day bed / couch for overnight guests. Looking forward to our visit in March! Love, mommy