Friday, March 14, 2014

Hi again!

We're back! Sort of. After two weeks of suddenly going MIA- I'm finally back to shoot out a little update. Austin ventured with Juan to Texas last week- leaving Dukie and I a two man wolfpack. For a week. What do baby-less, young people do again? What does a baby blog post about when you take the baby out of the picture? Austin had an amazing time with his daddy and cousins in Texas. I swear he came home an inch taller.
So, I'm back for a hot second to let you know that I'm leaving again. Just taking a small break until... Easter...ish? Possibly a post (or two) a week until then. We are enjoying the warm weather and getting back into the groove of normal, healthy people not shelled up with a dozen boxes of Kleenex. 
Happy Spring! See you soon! 

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